I am an electronics/networking enthusiast who likes to build/fix stuff and is currently exploring the programming area. This is where SortByte started as I was thinking about a place for knowledge share, so I decided to make this website. There is not a lot to share at the moment, but hopefully with time there will be more.

As all things in life, Network Manager started as a necessity, a small script that I used to create network routes for a game on a multihomed computer, with the intention to separate the game traffic from the rest of the traffic, which was done so the game doesn't suffer from latency - a critical aspect of it. Editing the script every time started to get a bit annoying because adapter name/address/etc kept changing, so to make my life easier I began automating the process more and more, and with time the script started to look like a small network utility, which is what it is today.

I do plan to add other things with time, but for now, Network Manager seems to be the main project.